Here you will find an overview of the most important dates related to airport coordination.

Date Event Season
25.10.20 Start of season W20/21
31.08.20 Historics Baseline Date W20/21
15.07.20 Series Return Deadline W20/21
16.-18.06.20 146th Slot Conference Montreal W20/21
04.06.20 SAL Deadline W20/21
14.05.20 Initial Submission Deadline W20/21
07.05.20 Agreed Historics Deadline W20/21
20.04.20 SHL Deadline W20/21
29.03.20 Start of season S20
31.01.20 Historics Baseline Date S20
15.12.19 Slot Return Deadline S20
11.-15.11.19 145th Slot Conference Brisbane S20
31.10.19 SAL Deadline S20
27.10.19 Start of Season W19/20
26.10.19 End of Season S19
03.10.18 Initial Submission Deadline S20
19.09.19 Coordination Committee DUS
18.09.19 Coordination Committee FRA
12.09.19 Coordination Committee MUC and SPMC FRA
11.09.19 Coordination Committee TXL, SXF, STR, HAM, HAJ and SPMC MUC
09.09.19 SHL Deadline S19
31.08.19 Historics Baseline Date W19
15.07.19 Slot Return Deadline W19
18.-20.06.19 144th Slot Conference Cape Town W19
16.05.19 Initial Submission Deadline W19
09.05.19 Agreed Historics Deadline W19
22.04.19 SAL Deadline W19
30.03.19 End of Season W18/19