Here you will find an overview of the most important dates related to airport coordination.

Date Event Season
31.10.21 Start of season W21/22
t.b.d. Coordination Committees and SPMCs MUC, BER, FRA,HAJ, HAM, STR
15.09.21 Coordination Committee and SPMC DUS
31.08.21 Historics Baseline Date W21/22
15.08.21 Series Return Deadline W21/22
15.-17.06.21 148th IATA Slot Conference (virtual meeting) W21/22
03.06.21 SAL Deadline W21/22
13.05.21 Initial Submission Deadline W21/22
06.05.21 Agreed Historics Deadline W21/22
19.04.21 SHL Deadline W21/22
28.03.21 Start of Season S21
t.b.d. Coordination Committee BER
24.03.21 Coordination Committee FRA by circulation procedure (if necessary followed by a virtual hearing)
17.03.21 Coordination Committee DUS by circulation procedure
31.01.21 Historics Baseline Date S21
15.01.21* Slot Return Deadline (*The SRD is subject to change following SRD trial evaluation) S21
17.-20.11.20 147th Slot Conference S21
05.11.20 SAL Deadline S21
25.10.20 Start of season W20/21
08.10.20 Initial Submission Deadline S21
01.10.20 Agreed Historics Deadline S21
14.09.20 SHL Deadline S21
31.08.20 Historics Baseline Date W20/21
15.08.20 Series Return Deadline W20/21
16.-18.06.20 146th Slot Conference Montreal (cancelled) W20/21
04.06.20 SAL Deadline W20/21
14.05.20 Initial Submission Deadline W20/21
07.05.20 Agreed Historics Deadline W20/21
20.04.20 SHL Deadline W20/21
29.03.20 Start of season S20
31.01.20 Historics Baseline Date S20
15.12.19 Slot Return Deadline S20
11.-15.11.19 145th Slot Conference Brisbane S20
31.10.19 SAL Deadline S20
27.10.19 Start of Season W19/20
26.10.19 End of Season S19
03.10.19 Initial Submission Deadline S20