Organization & Financing

Fluko Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH is wholly-owned by the Federal Republic of Germany and is financed by German aircraft operators and airports. Fluko GmbH is responsible for slot allocation, schedules facilitation and slot monitoring at 15 airports in Germany. In accordance with EU Regulation No 95/93 (EU Slot Regulation) and as part of public administration (Section 1 para.1 FHKBeauftrV, Section 1 para. 4 VwVfG) we perform our tasks in an independent, neutral, non-discriminatory and transparent manner.

Our organization and functioning

Currently Fluko Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH has 12 employees including the management. To perform our tasks we use our own IT coordination system and cooperate with Coordinators and responsible institutions in Europe – be it within EUACA (European Airport Coordinators Association) or the online portal IACS (International Airport Coordination Support) which is available to users. Moreover, we participate in international cooperation on the level of International Air Transport Association IATA and Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group WWACG.

Financing of Fluko GmbH

Fluko Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH fulfils its tasks on behalf of the Federal Republic of Gemany (Sections 27 a, 31 a LuftVG). The annual costs and expenses for the exercise of our functions are covered proportionally both, by airspace users – operating aircraft with a German registration – and by coordinated and schedule-facilitated German airports. Each year the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure determines the cost unit rate per slot which Fluko GmbH charges to the users based on the amount of the coordinated slots.