Airport Coordination Procedures for UEFA European Football Championship 2024 in Germany, updated 07 May 2024

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Airport Coordination Procedure EURO 2024, updated 07 May 2024

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Airport Coordination Procedure EURO 2024 Timeline

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Information about GA/BA Slot Coordination during UEFA European Football Championship 2024 in Germany

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GA/BA Slot Coordination Procedure during EURO 2024

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Press release by the Monitoring Trustee in the Lufthansa-Swiss merger case (case M.3770)

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Press release M.3770 - 12Feb2024

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Change of e-mail addresses for correspondence with Fluko Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH / Airport Coordination Germany from 21 November 2023

On 21 November 2023 our e-mail addresses have changed:
The current e-mail address for slot requests changed from to
The personal e-mail addresses for staff of Fluko GmbH changed from to
We kindly ask that you send your e-mails to the new e-mail addresses.

CGN - Declaration of Cologne Bonn Airport as coordinated airport (Level 3)

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Declaration of Cologne Bonn Airport as coordinated airport (Level 3) – only in German

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NUE - Pre-announcement runway closure in 2024 and a slot restriction (PPR) due to an apron construction work

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NUE Information Runway Closure 2024

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BER coordination information - terminals

BER coordination information regarding use of terminals

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NUE - EDDN Widebody Parking Nuremberg

Attn. all carriers operating into Nuremberg NUE: Please note that due to limited parking stands for widebody aircraft prior permission by the airport operator is required for scheduled widebody operation. Any airline intending to perform stops with widebody aircraft in NUE is obliged to submit rotational information to simultaneously to slot coordination requests.

NUE Info Widebody

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